• Syntax Cat 5e S-FTP double screen Ø=6,4 mm, 1 m afklip
Varenummer: SYN-7XLANCAT5

Syntax Cat 5e S-FTP double screen Ø=6,4 mm, 1 m afklip

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Kort beskrivelse

CAT5E fleksibel og robust kabel til live brug eller installationer. Class D bit-rates op til 90 meter længde. ISO/IEC 11801 - EN 50173 - EIA/TIA 568B.2
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Syntax CAT5 lan kabel 7XLANCAT5

SYNTAX® offers a cable with high intrinsic quality, excellent flexibility and robustness to tackle the difficult jobs in the entertainment world, ensuring reliable performance in critical conditions.
With the great spread of the Internet, this kind of cables, widely used in the computer world, are produced on a large scale to drive down prices, often at the expense of transmission quality and manageability. The Syntax CAT5E cable is designed for use in broadcasting and in all the network installations for transmission of high Class D bit-rates; it is compliant with ISO/IEC 11801 - EN 50173 - EIA/TIA 568B.2, ensuring accurate transmission of data up to 90 meter cable length.
To maintain the correct data transfer along the entire length, it is very important that the body of the cable is not deformed by an alteration in the internal position of the four twisted pairs. In this regards, the use of a particular foamy compound keeps the twisted pairs fixed and properly spaced. Moreover, the presence of two shields (one in aluminium foil and the other in tinned copper braid) guarantees a 100% protection from external noise. The version PUR up-jacketed has been particularly designed for heavy outdoor application, for use on cable drum, for mobile transmission vehicles and wherever a high abrasion resistance and continuous bending cycles are needed, preserving an enduring transmission quality. When using this version, the second jacket should be removed near the RJ45 connector, in order to get the right diameter for assembling.

Conductors: Solid bare OFC Ø=0,51 mm - 24 AWG
Conductors jacket: Polyolefin Foam - Ø=0,95 mm
Color code: green, white-green, orange, white-orange, blue, white-blue, brown, white-brown
First screen: aluminium/mylar overlapping foil 100%
Second screen: tinned copper braid coverage >80% Resistance of conductors: < 90 Ω/Km
Insulation resistance: > 8 GΩ per Km
Capacity between conductors: 51 nF/Km
Impedance from 1 to 100MHz: 100 Ω
Operating temperature: -30° +70° C

Jacket 7XLANCAT5: PVC black flame retardant Ø=6,4 mm

Jackets 7XLANCAT5PUR: First: PVC black flame retardant Ø=6,4 mm
                                            Second: Polyurethane compound black Ø=7,7 mm

Frequency (MHz)1410162031.2562.50100
  Attenuation (dB/100m)
  Next (dB)66.357.351.348.246.843.939.436.4

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