• Lundah 1570X transformer
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Varenummer: LL1570

Lundah 1570X transformer

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Splitting 1 direct + 1 isolated outputs. Extra wide bandwidth. Microphone input (200 : 800 ohms). +16 dBU. Turns Ratio: 1+1 : 1+1
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The LL1570 is designed for splitting signals in application where large ground differences may appear, but is also very
useful as a general purpose audio transformer. By careful design, the capacative coupling between the different part of
the transformer is kept to a minimum. The three-section winding structure which is necessary for decoupling also results
in a very high bandwidth. The transformer is built up from two coils, each with primary and secondary windings
separated by electrostatic shields, and a high permeability mu-metal core. The two coil structure in combination with the
mu-metal can results in high immunity to external magnetic fields.
In the LL1570XL, the core is about 45% larger than in the LL1570, resulting in a larger level capability.

Turns ratio: 1 + 1 : 1 + 1
Spacing between pins 5.08 mm (0.2")
Spacing between rows of pins 27.94 mm (1.1")
Offset of earth pin from adjacent row:  2.54 mm (0.1")
Recommended PCB hole diameter: 1.5 mm

Dimensions (Max. L x W x H above PCB(mm)) 38 x 24 x 17 
Weight: 48 g 
Static resistance of each primary: 50 W 
Static resistance of each secondary: 50 W 
Distortion (primary level, primaries connected 0.1% @ + 6 dBU
in series, source impedance 800W ) 1 % < @ +16 dBU
Self resonance point : > 250 kHz 
Optimum load for best square-wave response
(secondaries. in series): 2.8 kW in series with 0.7 nF 
Frequency response (source 600W, load as
above, serial-serial connections): 10 Hz -- 200 kHz +/- 0.5 dB 
Isolation winding-winding / winding-shield / shield-shield 4 kV / 2 kV / 2 kV

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