• Lundahl 1538 Mikrofon indgangstrafo
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Varenummer: LL1538

Lundahl 1538 Mikrofon indgangstrafo

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Probably the best 1:5 microphone input transformer available. 200 : 5 k ohms. +10 dBU Turns Ratio: 1+1 : 5
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Microphone Input Transformers LL1538 and LL1538XL
The LL1538 and the LL1538XL are high performance microphone input transformers, each with a high permeability
mu-metal core and two three-section coils.
In the LL1538XL the core is about 45% larger than in the LL1538, resulting in a larger level capability. In both types,
primary and secondary windings are separated by electrostatic shields. The three-section winding structure of the
transformers results in a very low leakage inductance and thus an excellent frequency response.
The transformers are encapsulated in mu-metal cases for magnetic shielding.
Turns ratio: 1 + 1 : 5
Dimensions (Max. Length x Width x Height above PCB (mm)) 38 x 24 
Spacing between pins 5.08 mm (0.2") 
Spacing between rows of pins 27.94 mm (1.1")
Weight 46 g 
Rec. PCB hole diameter 1.5 mm 
Static resistance of each primary 44W 
Static resistance of each secondary 880 W
Distortion (primaries connected in parallel, source impedance 200W )
0.2 % @ 0 dBU (0.775V rms) primary level, 50 Hz
1 % @ + 10 dBU (2.5 V rms) primary level, 50 Hz
Self resonance point > 120 kHz
Optimum termination for best square-wave response (Connection 1:5, source imp. 200W ) No termination necessary 

Frequency response (source 200 W, no termination) 10 Hz - 100 kHz +/- 0.3 dB 
Isolation between windings/ between windings and shield 4 kV / 2 kV

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